About Me:

Hi, I'm ashley! 

No, I don't always wear a tiara! ;)
I live in a small town in North Carolina <3.

I recently married the man of my dreams, who is also my very best friend. 
 Isn't he handsome??
He is my personal cheerleader, always believing in me and encouraging me to follow my dreams! 

We are homeowners who share our home with Ike, our ridiculously cute puppy. 
Our home just wouldn't be the same without this little guy!

I'm that "hard to buy for" friend/family member because I enjoy making so many things myself. If they know me well enough, the gift is usually followed by, "if its not exactly want you want, you can always paint it!" I enjoy thrifting and finding unique things and turning them into something else entirely. Sure, we can always go into a store and buy something, but for me, I find more fun in the process! I think a lot of that comes from my Dad, who I lost a few years ago. He taught me that creativity has no end, and always helped me make my ideas a reality, no matter how crazy they sounded.

When I am not driving my husband crazy and trying to steal borrow his work tools, I am either in the kitchen or redecorating something! I get my love of cooking from my Mama, who is probably the sweetest lady on the planet. I have learned a lot from her and I believe the hubster is the most thankful for that!
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